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Our rent-to-own solution provides storage in your backyard for about the same cost (per square foot) of renting at an offsite storage unit. Forget about using out-of-the-way, inaccessible storage units with a never-ending monthly charge. You can own your own in 36 months (or less) and never make another payment. RENT TO OWN program is a month to month rental, with ownership coming after 36 months or sooner if you opt to use early pay out(EPO).

[BLI Rentals] Features and Benefits

NO Credit Check:

You can purchase a storage building and make payments, even with imperfect credit.

Instant Approval:

Don't wait on a finance company. You’re approved from the BLI Information Sheet and will have the building as soon as the sales lot can deliver it.

Rent-to-Own Storage for About the Same Cost (per square foot) of Renting an Offsite Storage Unit:

You can pay an off-site storage company for years -- or you can own your storage building in your backyard in 36 months, and never make another rental payment.

Rent-to-Own Is a One-Month Agreement:

Your financial situation can change, and BLI understands. You are not bound to a 36-month agreement. It can be terminated at any time.

Multiple Payment Options: Online, Phone, Mail or AutoPay from Checking/Savings Account or Credit/Debit Card:

BLI provides convenience tailored to meet your needs. Pick what works best based on the way you pay bills. Avoid having a payment get lost in the mail or running out of checks.

E-mail Confirmations for ALL Electronically Processed Payments:

Again, this is convenience tailored to you. This helps you with record keeping and shows that a payment was successful.


Protect your building, your family and your finances with this great benefits program! For a small fee, you get a Liability Damage Waiver to cover damages from Acts of God, $10,000 in Accidental Death Insurance, Payment Waiver Protection to help pay for your rental if you're laid off, and access to health and entertainment discounts.

Early Purchase Option (EPO) Discount:

There is no fee to purchase your building early, and you actually save money – 45% off the balance.

10-day grace period; $5 late charge:

Life can happen quickly, and you don’t always have time to make a payment. BLI gives you extra time.


You can receive a coming due notice 15 days prior to the due date.

Reserve Account:

The Reserve Account allows you to pay extra amounts (over and above the standard rental payment) and have that money go into a reserve account. You can apply these funds toward the early purcchase price. 

                              CALL #304-901-2404 For More Info!

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