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Custom Building Options:

Some of our construction information on our standard buildings:

  • Built on 4x4 Pressure Treated Skids

  • 2x4 joists, sidewalls, rafters, 16” on center (12” on garages)

  • 5/8” Underlayment plywood on floors

  • 50 Year warranty on our LP Exterior Wood Siding (Standard)

  • 18 Exterior colors to choose from when ordering

  • Shutters or Trim for no additional charge

  • Garage door options (ONLY on Garage Packages)

  • Many extras to choose from!

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Lets Begin:

We currently do not have an online ordering system.  The below information is to help you pick out everything for your building.  Bring in your options to make the process a little smoother!

Pick Your Style:

You can upgrade any "tall" structure with a 4' loft,
a workbench, ridge vent, a metal roof, or a fully
pressure treated ramp for the door.

Pick Your Door:

Pick Your Layout:

Draw a square box and determine where you want the windows and doors, etc.  This is a FREE service, so design away!

Pick Your Window Trim or Shutters:

We love to give you free upgrades.  You can choose to have shutters or a beautiful trim around your wooden structure windows.  

LP Wood Siding Base & Trim Color Choices:

These are your base colors & your trim colors.  This is a Sherwin Williams 30 year warranty paint. Colors can vary. 

Vinyl Exterior Products on Display in Our Main Office! (upgrades avail.)

Roofing: 3D Architectural Shingles Free

ROOFING:  Metal Options ($200 upgrade)

Garage Package:

Our garages are fully reinforced and feature a "home quality" garage door, a wooden side entry door, 12" on center construction, and feature 2 standard windows. 

Extra's Available:

Loft (by the square foot)

Reinforced Flooring (by square foot)

Vents (ridge vent & side vents)

Pressure Treated Floors (by the square foot)

Insulated Walls & Floors (by the job)

Work Bench (by the square foot)

Shelves (by the square foot)



Ramps (various sizes, but only one height)

Garage Package

Porch Packages

Windows (various sizes)

Doors (vinyl, wood, etc)

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