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Dutch Barn Storage Shed

The Dutch Barn Storage Shed

is a side facing storage building. 

It has plenty of upper space for 

more storage.  Great for up to 2 lofts. 

These come standard with

double door and 2 windows.


Some of our construction information on our standard buildings are as followed:

  • Built on 4x4 Pressure Treated Skids

  • 2x4 joists, sidewalls, rafters, 16” on center (12” on garages)

  • 5/8” Underlayment plywood on floors

  • 50 Year warranty on our LP Exterior Wood Siding (Standard)

  • 18 Exterior colors to choose from when ordering

  • Shutters or Trim for no additional charge

  • Garage door options (ONLY on Garage Packages)

  • Many extras to choose from!


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