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We are rebranding.  As we grow, as we expand, it is not possible to keep growing under “Valley Structures (location).”  We are aware that there is a Valley Structures in Virginia, and as they grow, we would like to avoid the confusion.  We are keeping things extremely simple. You will be able to find us just as easily, and for years to come, probably, under the same name “Valley Structures Martinsburg”

Effective April 1st we will be known as

“VSM SHEDS & GARAGES” (Eastern Panhandle)

This shortened version allows us to expand into different cities and territories without needing to duplicate our name in various forms.  Helping us save confusion, signage and other necessities.

We hope that this name change will not cause too much confusion.  We are the same great company that has served the Eastern Panhandle for over 34 years.   With this name change, you won’t see anything else change.  Same great product, same great service, and all that we have been known to do for the community.

We are always here to answer any questions that you may have about the name switch.

I am sure there will still be ad’s and other forms of social media circulating as Valley Structures Martinsburg for a long time. 

That is still us, and should link to our new name and pages.


Thank you for understating & sticking with us through the years,

We hope to serve the Eastern Panhandle and beyond for many many years!

Thank you,


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